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Funding drive 
19th-Oct-2012 11:39 am
There are only three more days to pre-pledge and have your name entered into a draw for a stack of CDs reserved exclusively for those who are proactive and awesome that way (I will be drawing separate stacks for each of the two funding drive shows I'm doing as well, for a total of 3 stacks of giveaways). I need to raise $1000 over the course of the drive to "pull my weight" at the station, so I really need to push hard. The online form is secure and you can donate with credit cards or via PayPal. Anything $25 or over gets you a tax receipt. If you listen to The Dollar Bin or even just like the notion (unmatched musical variety... a veritable garage sale of auditory treasures from all over the world), please donate to support me and this show!


In case you haven't listened to my show before, we archive the last four shows for on demand playing (24/7). All the playlists are there as well if you're looking to sample potentially new-to-you artists.

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